Sunday, December 23, 2012

Origins Order

I placed an order on Origins' website the other day and am very excited to try out my new goodies!

The order got shipped to me extremely fast; I believe it got to me two days after I'd ordered! So I was very impressed with that. I only ordered one product, and along with it came a free sample. I had heard Kate from gh0stparties (check her out here!) speaking about the Origins "Never A Dull Moment" cleanser and really wanted to try it. Since I'm so pale, I really like to find products that brighten my skin and keep me from looking pasty. I haven't tried it yet as I'm currently trying to finish off a different cleanser, but will keep you posted on how I like it!

You get to choose one of three free samples when you check out on Origins' website. I chose a sample of the "A Perfect World" moisturizer. I'm quite excited to try this out too!

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