Monday, December 10, 2012

What's In My Bag?

Hello everyone! I was cleaning out my purse today and thought it was a great time to do a "what's in my bag" post. I am extremely nosy and love to see what other people carry in their purse, so I wanted to let you all take a glimpse into mine! I switch out the contents of my bag a lot, so this will probably be the first of many "what's in my bag" posts. Enjoy! 

Lets start with the actual bag shall we? I got this bag from Roots a little over a year ago. Unfortunately I can't find the link to this exact bag online, which may mean they don't make it anymore. However this one is quite similar. I love it! It's very sturdy, and has a detachable shoulder strap in case you don't want to use the little handles at the top. 

Here's a little peek at what's inside...

Lets begin shall we?

- A packet of maple & brown sugar oatmeal. An interesting thing to carry around!
- Pens 
- My car keys
- My keys for work
- Card holder for extra cards 

- My makeup case (I'll go into more detail below)
- Aveda Hand Relief hand cream 
- Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers in "Vanilla Bean Noel" & "Island Margarita"
- Talula mittens (I do live in Canada after all!)

-  A hair elastic
- Korres Lip Butter in "Jasmine"
- Crystal Light (Raspberry Peach, Dragon Fruit Mango White Tea, & Tangerine Grapefruit)

Whew! Who knew I could carry around so much stuff? I also always carry around my phone with me (I have an iPhone 4), but at the moment it was beside me on my bed! Now that we've gone through the bag, lets take a closer look at what I carry in my makeup case. 

- Sephora mirror 
- Amazing Cosmetics Concealer (I forget which shade I have and the label has rubbed off!)
- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in "Pale Pink"
- MAC Lipstick in "Hue"
-    My little yellow case which carries Advil
- NARS Multiple in "Orgasm"

Wow! That's a lot of stuff. Let me know if you'd like me to go into more depth about any of these products! I hope you enjoyed!


  1. You seem to keep as many lip products in your bag as me! Great post :)


    1. I can't seem to get enough! Thanks for reading :)